Air conditioning, Heating and cooling and air conditioning London
Air conditioning, Heating and cooling and air conditioning London

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Terms and Conditions:



Client’s responsibility:


1.) The client is to allow access to the contractor at all reasonable times for the work to be carried out.

2.) The client is to provide all necessary utilities for the tests and service to be carried out and ensure that the area of work is clear from obstruction.

3.) This agreement does not cover faulty equipment and the client will be contacted for agreement to pay for small parts and associated labour charges that are necessary for the equipment to be left in operable condition, and if approval cannot be granted for any reason the equipment will be left in a faulty state for repair in a subsequent visit.

4.) The client agrees to settle all outstanding accounts within 30 Days.



Contractor’s responsibility:


1.) The contractor is committed to carryout the work diligently and to leave the premises and equipment in a clean and safe state.

2.) The contractor shall carryout the work on the agreed date unless emergency conditions prevent such occurrence.

3.) The contractor shall carryout any suitable additional work at agreed rates that are required by the client.

4.) Where the contractor's own operatives did not carry out the original installation, the contractor is duty bound to advise the client of potential problems.

5.) The contractor promises to purchase the best quality parts at economic price.


These Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale or Service are issued by HNC Electrical & Air Conditioning Services




THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY TO ANY ORDER OR INSTRUCTION, VARIATION, EXTRA WORK and will apply at any time WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE regardless of whether or not your enquiry, order or instruction or other qualifying document issued by you imposes alternative conditions upon us. It is therefore important that you carefully read our Terms & Conditions, negotiate any alternative conditions with us and ensure that we acknowledge any variations in writing.


1. ACCEPTANCE of any equipment depends on said equipment passing an initial inspection. Any repairs recommended by Holmes Air Conditioning & Electrical Services must be done prior to acceptance of equipment. If customer elects not to have repairs done, inspection will be billed at regular rates.


2. ANY ORDER OR INSTRUCTION placed with us will only be in accordance with these terms and conditions or those accepted by us in writing. Acceptance by us of your order or instruction does not constitute our acceptance of your terms or conditions - see above - our conditions will always take precedence over any other terms and conditions whether expressed or implied in writing or orally.


3. STANDARD TERMS OF PAYMENT applicable to approved credit accounts are 30 days from date of our invoice. We reserve the right to vary our payment terms at any time and without notice, and to apply Pro-Forma terms should we deem this necessary.


4. OTHER TERMS OF PAYMENT may be agreed but only if accepted by us in writing.


5. RETENTION. Our quoted prices do not allow for any retention's or set-off to payment to be made. As the majority of our works have a high equipment to materials and labour ratio. If a retention clause applies to a specific contract, we may accept retention being held against our labour and material element. But in common with other suppliers, we cannot accept retention against equipment values. We will advise the equipment content if required and this must be ordered from us on a purchase basis rather than sub-contract or other conditions should your accounting system or policy be unsuitable to comply with this clause. Failure on your part to comply will not constitute our acceptance to retention or other set-offs.


Interest at the rate of 8.5% per month will be added to all amounts outstanding after expiry of our payment term, and will become chargeable and due for payment in accordance with our original terms.


6. STAGED PAYMENTS. We reserve the right to make interim applications for payment during the course of works carried out by us, for materials, equipment delivered and for work completed by us to the date of such application. Our agreed payment terms would apply from the date of our application.


7. ANY OFFER by us to carry out work for a quoted price is open for acceptance for a period of thirty days from the date of our offer.


8. ALL PRICES quoted are offered on a fully fluctuating basis; as such any increase in cost passed to us will generally be added to our cost and become due for payment.


9. ALL PRICES quoted are net, include VAT, any other applicable taxes which may become due and unless specifically indicated, exclude any discounts.


10. OUR OFFER ASSUMES continuity of work and normal working hours which are Monday to Friday inclusive, from 08:00 to 17:00 hours. Work carried out outside of these times will be charged at premium rates in accordance with our STANDARD CHARGES.


11. DELIVERY AND COMPLETION dates are given in accordance with our other terms and conditions and are valid at the date given. As such they are subject to prior sale or workload at the time your written instruction to proceed is received.


12. WE WILL ONLY PROCEED with any work once your full written instructions are received by us together with all information we require to proceed with our work, and we have accepted your instructions in writing.


13. WE WILL NOT CARRY OUT ANY EXTRA WORK OR VARIATION to our work unless we have your written instruction to carry out such extra work or variation and your confirmation that you accept our costs for carrying out such work or variations.



14. IF YOU FAIL TO PROVIDE WRITTEN CONFIRMATION and work has commenced for whatever reason, we will confirm our acceptance on the basis that payment will be due to us for carrying out the work or variation without dispute.


15. DELAY. We shall not be liable for any delay, dispute, cost, loss or consequential loss due to your failure to provide written instructions or full and final information on time.


16. TITLE OF GOODS. Notwithstanding delivery, all goods, materials, equipment supplied by us will remain our absolute property until you pay in full for them and for all other goods previously supplied by us. You will store the goods in such a way that they are readily identifiable as our property. We shall be entitled, immediately after giving notice of our intention to repossess, to enter upon any premises with such transport as may be necessary and repossess any goods to which we have title under this clause.


17. PROTECTION & RISK. Once equipment, materials or goods have been delivered to site or an agreed delivery point they shall be at the sole risk of others. We will only be liable for damage caused by our directly employed or supervised operatives. It shall be others responsibility to both protect and insure against loss or damage caused by others.


18. GUARANTEE. For the supply and installation of new equipment and systems we provide as a minimum a full labour and parts guarantee, at our discretion to repair or replace without charge any defect, part, material, component or equipment which fails due to defective manufacturing or workmanship within 12 months of commissioning.

This guarantee is provided upon these conditions:-

a) The system or equipment must be maintained by us or an approved organisation in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations from the date it is COMMISSIONED.

b) The system or equipment is operated in accordance with instruction provided by us or the manufacturer, and user maintenance guides are followed and complied with.

c) If equipment is not maintained in accordance with our terms, or is maintained by a non-approved organisation, the guarantee will become null and void. The manufacturer shall determine if an organisation is approved, and this shall be written confirmation.

d) Our guarantee is not transferable, should you elect to use others for maintenance, our liability may well be limited to provision of replacement parts only, at the discretion of the manufacturer.

e) For replacement parts supplied and fitted to systems not guaranteed by us, the guarantee we provide will be limited to that provided by the manufacturer of the parts. This may be any period from three months.

f) We cannot guarantee equipment or systems and components when warranty has expired for whatever reason. In particular failures or defects found may be attributable to other component failures or reasons beyond our control, which cannot be traced by us until initial repairs have been completed. Should any dispute occur in connection with such work we reserve the right to payment for work carried out. The matter shall then be referred to a mutually agreed arbitrator, whose decision shall be final and binding on both parties.

g) We shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage.


Guarantees can be extended at our discretion and dependant upon manufacturer of new equipment can be up to a maximum of 5 years, provided the system is maintained by us under agreement.




19. INFORMATION. Any drawing, design, information or detail submitted shall not be binding unless indicated in writing. All drawings, sketches, designs or other documentation submitted to you remain our property and as such must not be copied for any reason unless approved in writing by us.


20. LIABILITY. Our liability is limited to what we have offered to provide, you have accepted by placing an order or instruction with us, and we have confirmed our acceptance. We will comply with all legal and lawful requirements that we are required to do so, in our capacity as your contractor and/or supplier. By accepting our offer you are liable to ensure that what we offer or provide is legal, meets lawful requirements and your own. Your statutory rights are not affected.


21. TERMINATION. We may without prejudice to our other rights and remedies determine the contract or any unfulfilled part of it or withhold further work, deliveries or make partial deliveries or work if:-

a) You fail to make payment on the due date under this contract or any other contract between us.

b) You purport to cancel or suspend, or commit any breach of this or any other contract between us.

c) You become insolvent or make any composition with your creditors or have a receiver appointed of all or any part of your undertaking or assets or go into liquidation (save for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction) and we shall be entitled to recover from you all our loss including any loss of profits or loss on re-sale.


22. DISPUTE. Any dispute or arbitration shall be subject to the laws of England


23. WAIVER. Any failure by us to enforce any or all of these Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of any of our rights hereunder.


24. ELECTRICAL. Generally we will provide electrical mains power supplies for our equipment or systems, including fusing, isolators, distribution boards etc. Upon request we provide full technical data to determine correct sizing of cables and supplies, together with type of supply and fuse ratings.


25. BUILDERS WORK. We do not provide builders work. Upon request we provide details of builders work requirements.



26. MAINTENANCE WORK. Maintenance work is only carried out in accordance with our terms of Maintenance Agreement. Additional repair or service work on a site having a current Maintenance Agreement is carried out in accordance with the agreement and is chargeable in accordance with that agreement and our SERVICE CHARGES.


27. SERVICE & REPAIR WORK. Any service repair, call-out or refurbishment work, which is not subject to a priced offer, is subject to our SERVICE CHARGES. Any additional work to that quoted as a priced offer is subject to our SERVICE CHARGES.


28. STANDARD EXCLUSIONS. Our tender is based upon the foregoing and upon the exclusions specified below:-

a) Any work not shown on any drawings or specifications, whether issued by ourselves, consultants or architects etc.,

b) Associated builders work, electrical work or other trades work except that specified by ourselves as being carried out by us.

c) The use of or hiring of any hoisting or lifting plant or equipment to facilitate installation, as it has been assumed that we have free and easy access to the premises at which the equipment is to be installed.

d) Any extra costs which may be incurred by ourselves through encountering unforeseen difficulties where structural work or hidden pipework etc., is involved and prior inspection by ourselves was not available due to the fact that building finishes etc., obscured these obstructions from view.

e) Any addition for Value Added Tax.

f) Scaffolding, water, electrical power, fuel, fees payable to persons, companies or authorities not directly employed by this company.

g) The monetary effect of government legislation announced but not yet implemented.

h) Design, preparation or installation of any necessary bases or supports for major items of equipment.

i) This agreement does not include the cost of labour and/or material resulting from the acts of Nature (floods, lightning, fire, etc.) or electrical failure, water damage of any description, (including infiltration of underground storage tanks) labour or transportation difficulties, wars, riots, or local Borough or Government  Acts or requests.

j) Service calls resulting from blown fuses or circuit breakers, emergency switch turned off, thermostat not properly set, or electrical power failure are not covered.

All of the above exclusions are Standard Exclusions and as such may be varied but only in writing by ourselves. Any alterations to the above Exclusions would be notified in writing within our tender or indicated by our Offer Data Sheets.

K) Repairing or replacing any parts not connected to the appliance listed in the ‘schedule of Equipment’.



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